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    I use a well maintained and gaited pipeline access road to get to my bait stand. It's legal for anyone to use and I'm only on it for about 2 miles before I turn onto the trail I cut to my stand. Every few hundred feet or so along that access road there is a martin or lynx set along with all sorts of streamers, plastic newspaper boxes, and shiny CDs hanging out of the trees.

    You know, we all share these hunting areas, so shouldn't trappers be required to clean-up after the season ends? Maybe they are supposed to clean their areas, I don't know... just asking?


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    Are there any old trap line signs posted anywhere? I believe they have to post a sign.. well, I've ran into many out in the woods (even ran into a self made 30' bridge with a warning sign not to cross) so im assuming they have to post their trails.
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      I don't know the rules on trapping but one of the areas I bait is the same. Flagging tape left everywhere and even a few spray painted trees it's a little disturbing to me to see it out of season. I can't believe some people won't take down a few pieces of bright flaggig tape.


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        You do NOT have to put a sign on your trapline. Some do as a courtesy. And if the traps arent set there is no "out of season" about it they arent actively trapping. Then anything after that will go alone the lines of the tree stand in the woods thread so I will leave it at that. The flagging should be taken down but leaving traps in the field is a very common practice. I do not anymore due to thieves but have in the past but I at least clean up my attractors all that does is draws attention to your sets for others to move in on top of you..


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