How do you guys hang your bait balls?



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  • How do you guys hang your bait balls?

    I had a hell of a time hanging my2nd bait ball last night. I was wondering what tricks might be out there? I was using 2 10inch spikes tied to a climbing rope and among for about 25feet up it took me about 45minutes and I finally had to tie a hatchet on to get enough weight and use a slightly lower branch. I hit my mark several times but I didn't have the weight to get the rope back down so I could tie on the ball. I much prefer the ease of those yoyos I can whip them up in a tree and they don't come back down.

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    I use tree steps, the ones for tree stands and put them on one tree. Climb up, put cable around tree. Go back down tree, put tree steps on another opposing tree. Tie cable around tree and call it good. I put a knot in the middle of the cable where the bait ball is to be tied before I tie the cables on the tree. Just to have something to tie the ball on so the bears can't move it on the cable. Here is a good photo Bait Em 907 put up on there facebook page:


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      good tip Blasterak and their cheap too


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        Tree steps, ladder or my Ameristep 20' climbing stick to height. Throw grappling hook to smaller tree (if available), pull it over, secure rope and let it go. Repeat as necessary/cut rope later to remove. The grappling hook also helps for reaching high branches when small tree's are not available and beaching your boat on the river.

        The grappling hook also let's you pretend your a ninja; but that's a different story! :topjob:
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          I usually call in a UH-60 and air assault down a rope and place my bait at the top of the highest tree in the area.. ok we can all dream right lol..

          I will have to give this grappling hook a try... if not ill tie a rope around my daughters legs and throw her into a tree and have her tie it on.

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            Hang it where they cannot get at it. That means away from the tree and up high..... or you'll be buying a new one...... or two (see pike, 2010)
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