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First trail cam pic of the year! 1 black - 1 brown

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  • First trail cam pic of the year! 1 black - 1 brown

    #1 My wife’s Scotty! LOL Made sure it was working good before we went out! He’s about a 2 ft boar!!!

    #2 Bad ass squirrel that would not leave! I would guess him to be 10".
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    How long will your camera run before it dies? This is my first year with one it's a wild game innovations set to take photos every 30 sec. It runs off 8 AAs. I know you said you won't go back out for a while does your camera have enough juice to last until you get out to hunt it? I'm planning on going back first week in may to check my stand


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      I use a Cuddy that takes D cell Batts. About 3-4 weeks in these temps depending on how many pics and warm it easy . Once May gets here they will last for a couple of months. My buddy has one of the small Bushnell bersion that runs off AA's and for some reason his last longer than mine.


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        Until you've got sure-'nuff bears on camera, set your camera to go off at 15 to 30 minute interval to conserve batteries for the first non-productive part of the season. I've got a Cuddeback IR and it will last 6 weeks for sure.



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          Wilder - that is as mean as falsely posting the Draw Results are out!

          :mad: :mad:
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