How do you think the snow will effect our season this year?



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  • How do you think the snow will effect our season this year?

    I'm in the Fairbanks area and baiting north of Fairbanks. I went to my stand site yesterday and the snow was still over my waist. I have a feeling this year will be a little different than last. I got to thinking that this may play into out hand though. There is very little new plant growth and that means very little forage for the bears. They will be hungry and we will have a pile of dog food/pop corn waiting for them. Without snow machines set up will require a little effort but the bears have to wake up when their fat supplies run low and that has to happen soon! What are you guy's experience with heavy snow fall years?

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    I don't think the snow matters too much

    I set up one of my stands in 16a yesterday and had to hike it in in very deep snow because the wheelers got stuck. Saw bear tracks out. Obviously when there awake there going to be using those noses to Finda meal and that's where we step in and provide one


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      I think the bears pretty much come out about the same time. Maybe a bit early this year, but I'd say by the time they are out and moving around good it will be 1st or 2nd week of May. As yoda said there were some bear tracks which aren't surprising but I still think it's early.
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        I hunt north of fairbanks the earliest I have been hit is 16 May.
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