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  • pine tree air fresheners

    Has any one ever used those pine tree air fresheners at a bait site? There are some really fruity sweet smelling ones(Vanilla and Cherry) and they are cheap. If anyone has used them was it with any success?

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    yes and yes


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      thanks for the reply.


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        I was thinking of those scented timed sprayers they use in bathrooms. I sell the refills in berry, apple pie and a couple other scents. The sprayers fire off every 15 minutes and a can lasts for 30 days. Runs for 12 months on a couple D cells. You never know, and I may try one this year.
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          Doug, I was actually thinking about the same thing earlier but the thing I am going to try this year will be Victoria Secret Love Spell body spray (my wife uses it and its POTENTLY FRUITY) (Cherry blossom, Peach, White Jasmine). I am going to make a reverse drip wick (2ltr soda bottle with a string out the lid so it will slowly drip (thanks for the info on this btw Hunter (yoda). I think it just might pan out). And for the price (5 bottles for 30 bux (8oz bottles each) I should have enough to last the entire season for about 1/2 the price of other options. I am a budget hunter right now so I am trying everything I can haha.

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            Get online and buy two blueberry cover spray scents from Jess at Bait'em 907.. Only $14 for a 16 oz spray bottle. Buy it here. It's stronger and much less feminine. :think:
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              I've used the little cherry flavored pine trees from the gas station. They didn't scare the bears off, and the station had a lot of activity. I didn't run a control with only air fresheners, though, so how effective they were is pure speculation. At least they're cheap!


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