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The merits of camping

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  • The merits of camping

    I know that a lot of guys have some pretty clever ways to dispense food slowly so the bears spend a lot of time camping out on the bait. But I wonder how if the downside outweights the upside.. I don't need a black bear to spend more than a minute or three at the bait to get an opportunity to get an arrow into it. But if a big brown bear comes in and camps on my bait, that can ruin my whole evenings hunt if he won't leave.
    Maybe some of you from the camping camp (haha) can straighten out my line of thinking.

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    Small hole in the barrel makes it harder to get food. They don't spend lots of time at the bait, but they come in 2 or 3 times a day. They did last year anyway.
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      Small bait and a small hole works well. But if a brownbear is assertive and doesn't just give up, they can flatout trash a baitsite. I've had them pound and bounce on the sides of the barrel with their front feet and collapse it like a beer can cuz they couldn't get in it. So with that said-for "camped out" brown bears, make noise so it knows you're there, sometimes that's all ya need. If that doesn't do it and they just stare at you, I know for a fact that 10 rounds in the butt with a paintball gun gets 'em moving. I've heard of guys shooting them in the butt with a big ol' rubber headed blunt tip with great affects too. A little pain association combined with a surprise human presence sometimes works very well. Others out there might have other methods that are effective as well. Maybe they'll chime in.


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        I have also heard stories of a sling shot coming in handy from some fellow hunters for this particular issue

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