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Catching black bears out of their dens...

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  • Catching black bears out of their dens...

    Last year was my first year baiting, had a blast and loved the new experience, but I'm a spot and stalk hunter at heart. Looking for info as to where to go to catch blackies out of their dens, and when do they start to come out. I know it opens on the 15th but is it worth postholing thru the mountains if it's too early. Also do the blackies den the same as the browns? I'd appreciate some input, thanks.

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    Historically speaking in the Kenai Peninsula mountains, I see my first black bear boar of the year during the first weekend in May, two or three solo bears during the second weekend in May, more including sows and cubs the third weekend in May.

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      How do I get to the archives and look this subject up?


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        Baiting opens on the 15th. Bear is open right now. Unit 7 is no closed season for the most part, only russian river area closed part of summer. Go glass and come up with your own answer. I will take binos bunny hunting this weekend and see if anything has moved up high. A lot more fun than cleaning at home!


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