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Where have you had it the WORST?

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  • Where have you had it the WORST?

    All right, let's see who wins the bragging rights here... where was it that you have had Brown Bears on your bait the absolute worst ever? Where would you never bother baiting again? And how hopeless was it - how many brownies did you get - what was the brownie to black bear ratio?
    I'm going to put an early vote in for the Talkeetna mountains - just east of (the town of) Talkeetna.

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    I can only speak about the Yukon training area near Fairbanks, but I have learned at least in this area, that if you put your bait out early the Grizzlies will take over the bait station and eat it faster than you can fill it. However, on or about the 15th of May, the moose here start dropping their calves and after that the Grizzlies show very little interest in the bait stations and the black bears will start to hit them. I have documented this through game camera photos.

    Good Luck

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