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Brown bear over bait

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    We won't know anything until at least April 1st.

    I called the Palmer office after Anchorage had no information or knowledge on the specifics of the program. After a very lengthy conversation I learned there have not yet been any parameters, policies, regulations, geographic restrictions, required classes, permits or bag limits established for baiting brown bears in unit 16B. What will be required or allowed (and to what degree) is anyone's guess. There are a large number of calls coming in asking for information but the agency won't have anything defined or ready for public distribution until April 1st at the earliest. The Palmer office is asking people to wait until after April 1st before checking in for the specifics on the program.

    After what seemed like forever (the agent was patient but I felt like I was pulling nails), I finally secured the Biologist's number for the project and left him a message. Hopefully I'll talk to him before the weekend.
    "He should have been packing a more powerful have to be a very good shot or very lucky to stop a brown bear with a .357 Magnum." - Rick Sinnott, Alaska Department of Fish and Game biologist after a double attack by a grizzly.


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      Thanks for taking the lead on this.

      I really hope it works out adn is accessible for most hunters. Instead of a program to satisfy the public, but makeing it so hard to hunt it's almost impossible to get to the open area.
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        fish and game do have the area picked out from alexander south to beluga. idont remeber how far north. they did say more information will be available april 1st


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