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  • PWS baiting??

    I've never baited before, but wanted to try it out this year. I did a quick search and haven't seen anything about baiting in Prince William Sound. I'm going out anyway for shrimp, so this will give me something to do while the pots are filling. If anyone has experience they'd be willing to share, reply back or PM me.

    I don't have all the supplies yet, but after I win Bait'em 907's drawing, I'll be set:topjob:
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    I've killed black bears a plenty out of PWS, never once thought I needed jelly donuts to kill a bear....Spot, stalk, and tracking are the name of the game in PWS.


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      I've also killed plenty of bairs down there using spot and stalk, but the baiting is a great way to see and learn about PWS black bear behavior.

      I've baited down there each of the last two years, and had success in both years. My baiting period is short, so I like to have a quick assembly, disassembly site with a ground blind. I usually find a spot that is close to the beach in decent cover. I like to be able to either check my bait by glassing from the boat, or within a few steps from landing the boat. if you choose a spot that you can check from the boat, it is easiest to set out something identifiable like an orange Home Depot bucket. When the bucket isn't standing in the spot you placed it, you know something has, or is messing around on your site. And once they start messing around on your site, it is only a matter of time before it gets rolling heavy.

      You will notice that the bear trails along the beach just inside the tree line, this is where the bears do most of their traveling while looking for a meal near the beach.

      I use durable bait that won't dissolve in water and I always use sweet smelling stuff like syrup, molasses, and anise. The PWS bears aren't as attracted to the stinky dead stuff. Baitems scent bells work well to permeate the air with sweetness.

      Don't worry if you don't have bears within a couple days. If you've got a good spot, they will come, and when they do, you'll be fighting to keep bait on your station.


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