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  • ATV and Bears

    Am wondering if there is a location near Talkeetna or towards Glenallen that a person can do some wheeling and have the potential for a spot and stalk Brown bear or Black Bears.

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    Peterville Road....take a right at the roadhouse or cross the bridge. Way to many trails to count. Plenty of bears
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      Are there brown bears as well or mostly black.


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        Both. Lots of baiters too......
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          I would suggestwalking most of the way, means how, last yar out by our house, we saw 7 bears in one day, most days we saw 3 (all but 3 were grizzlies) and me and pa walked most every day, bein real stealth like, I only saw one on a wheeler. But, its realy dense country, all the bears were with in 25 yards. dad even had a few encounter when he could tap the grizzly on the nose with is 44 mag (AND he didn't pee his pants, whice is more than I can say...but I got "used to it" about 2 weeks into season)
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            we are looking for a place to hopefully ride back into then get off the wheelers and do some spot and stalk hunting and maybe even try a predator call. He is a pretty outgoing kid and is willing to hike.


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