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    Originally posted by Snyd View Post
    Just for you Vince.... I hate to see a grown man cry
    well i still have hunting days left..... we'll see who is cryng when its over... mine has been a success so far as i have gutted one bear for Daniel.... floated mark down to a grizz and called a wolf in for Ray... going to spend a week on the river with the boy next
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      A gun is like a parachute. If you need one, and don’t have one, you’ll probably never need one again


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        New choice:

        Where is the box to check the choice that says: YES, my bait was hit but only by griz, NO I did not take a bear, YES, I spent a zillion hours and a good bunch of green.

        I suck at bear baiting. Spot and stalk for me.


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          Vince You Need To Put One Up For How Many Grizzlies Hit Peoples Baits, And How Much It Cost Everyone To Feed Them But We Can Not Shot Them


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            First year hunting in Alaska and first ever baiting. I feed the bears a lot of food but, just never saw them when I sat in the stand. I think I learned a lot for next year and I finally broke down and bought a trail cam. I will give the bears another go in the fall doing spot and stalk.



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              I think there should be a category for "I fed brown bears all season" :mad:
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                Pulled my stand tonight and have to say I was fairly successful once again. Took two bears off my bait this year. But nothing big this year all small to average size bears. Happy to have had no visits from browns at all this year. Overall had a great bear season and looking forward to next years baiting.


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                  We were able to pull three bears off my bait this year. We only hunted it three times in two weeks. Only had a couple Grizz on it this year.

                  Thanks Jess!

                  Marshmallow it is for next year!


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                    Throwing in the towel

                    7 weeks ago $40 hog food $20 bread $20 anise = start
                    6 weeks ago $20 anise and syrup = nothing
                    5 weeks ago $10 baitem anise and blueberry balls = nothing
                    4 weeks ago at work = nothing
                    3 weeks ago at work = nothing
                    2 weeks ago $18 gusto trapping lure and salmon heads = nothing
                    last week 5 gallon bucket of halibut carcasses = 7 brown bear and 1 sow and 2 cub black bear

                    $128 in baits and a butt load of diesel to check baits every couple of days

                    Would I do it again HELL YES it was a great year.
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                      Well I learned alot once again. On camera I had nothing but brown bears hitting the stand, but once I started hunting it I had a few black bears come in and only one brown bear made a brief showing to the edge of the bait sight while I was sitting in it. Even during that time frame though I only had pictures of brownies at the bait on camera though. Kind of odd, but very interesting. My son ended up taking the only bear off of the stand this year. I passed on one that I thought was too a little small, but the last time he visited the sight he walked directly under my stand on the way out and I realized that he was nicer than I thought for an archery bear. I would have taken him if he came back in, but for some reason the last three weeks the bait went dead except for a few brownies on camera. Not a single bear hit the bait while I was sitting in it for the last 3 weekends.:confused: Next year I am going to try some new techniques, or just give it up and do a prince william spot and stalk hunt! Time to shift gears for salmon and then an archery griz at my cabin!
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                        Great season

                        Had just a great season again. Small bears, but what we needed. Helped a buddy with a station we've shared for 4 years, was sitting with him for his first archery bear. Passed a small one a little later there, then beaned another small one in the skull to fill my tag... got tired of watching him get fat on my labor.

                        Had a 5'6" walk within 10 feet of me while I was on the ground at my station, but couldn't bring the rifle around for a shot... had to quit hunting it myself after I tagged out, but my wife scored yesterday on a 5'3". Yes, a small bear, but my pack was 126# walking back out- I'm happy with a small bear! We've had a 6 1/2 and a 7' bear on the station, according to the trail camera, but when I asked her if she wanted to wait for a chance at them, she gave me the "are you nuts?" look and leaned back over the scope... BANG! 4 trips in, she wanted to make this one count!

                        Total cost- roughly $100. $5 for stale bread, $62 for stale dogfood, was given some molasses, about $20 for jello, $10 for marshmellows, a few dollars for gas, a can of bug dope, leftover anise from last year... My stand is behind my house, so I walk to it after work and on days off. I logged a LOT of hunting hours for that money, and lost about 15 pounds in total I spent less money than I would've on a gym membership, put about 100# of meat in the freezer, and spent some great quality time with wife, broinlaw and nephew, and a good buddy. It would have been cheap at twice the cost!


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                          Originally posted by baitem907 View Post
                          I think there should be a category for "I fed brown bears all season" :mad:
                          Heard that, buddy. In fact, Fish and Game should issue you an extra Brown Bear tag for free for your trouble. Too bad they don't use our sightings and data from Bait Stands, especially on the Kenai...


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                            Got one four years ago! First time bearbaiting. First AK big game animal killed. Checked the game cam for the first time and it had pics of a blackie. Got in the tree stand and he came to the spot within an hour. Shot him with a 338 at 50 yards. Overkill I know. I didn't see another black bear the rest of the season. All grizzlies. Good video and pics tho. Of most interest is I used moose heads to draw them in. A guy had some over the winter and advertised on radio to get rid of them. It definately brought in the bears but boy did it smell. I keep them in a rubbermaid container double bagged trash bags before setting out. Once it starts to thaw in May, if you wait too long the maggots will eat it all. Keep out of direct sunlight.


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                              Took a 5 footer on the 13th of June. Nothing special but it's meat in the freezer. Spent a lot of money feeding a family of grizz this season. Convinced the fiancé to sit the stand with me that night and the first black bear of the season came in shortly after doing a crack burn. Pulling the stand this weekend and calling an end to the season.


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