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killed a nice grizzly with Jake Jefferson

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  • killed a nice grizzly with Jake Jefferson

    Just got back from a baited grizzly hunt with Jake Jefferson. This was my 2nd hunt Jake. I had a fantastic hunt. Jake & I just mesh. It was 1 liner after 1 liner-----We were laughing the whole time. We saw plenty of bears both grizzly & black bears. I don't know how I did it but I missed a BIG grizzly maybe it was because he was hitting the bait barrel just Joe Frazier-----knocking it for loop around the tree or maybe the it adrenaline rush with my heavy breathing causing my scope & eye glasses to fog. But I missed twice. Missing a bear big enough to dunk a basketball from 100 yards with a rest. But in my defense his hide was rubbed & I really did want to hunt more.

    My black bear was a nice boar----his teeth were worn down. His hide was perfect & will make a real pretty rug. My grizzly was a 7' + sow. I shot her on the last night of my hunt. She also had a perfect hide & will make a beautiful rug. I've got a couple of photos. If someone can post them for me----I can email them to you. Bob

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    Here you go:


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      Thanks for posting them. That's Dale with the big brown bear. It was 113" from front paw to front paw. It has a huge head on it & had white claws. He had scars all over him. One was from the top of his shoulder to his belly----long ago healed up but still he was a fighter. An absolute tank of a bear. The brown bear I missed was the same size.

      the hunt was 2x1.

      If you want a quality hunt with a quality guide----give Jake a call. Black River Hunting Camps

      Jake wants me to come back & do a fall hunt for grizzly bear over looking a salmon stream. It's tempting & I may just do it. Nothing like hunting Grizzly.


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        Say hi to Jake for us as he used to hang out here on the forum quite a bit. Guess he must of got tired of all the goins' on around here. Congrats on a good hunt with him!
        Sheep hunting...... the pain goes away, but the stupidity remains...!!!


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          those two bears are beauty and the beast! also... don't take this wrong... but the thighs on the fellow in the bottom pic look beast-mode as well. suppose lots of hiking and packing meat will do that!


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