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Sale of Black Bear Hides

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  • Sale of Black Bear Hides

    I read through some information about selling black bear hides and looking for clarification. It appears legal to sell black bear skins, claws, and teeth but NOT "trophies". Trophies as I understand are mounts from a taxidermist. Do tanned black bear skins with claws attached count as a trophy? Does anyone sell black bear fur?

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    Anyone can sell. Tanned hide is legal sell. A rug or Mount is not. Claws or teeth need to b made into handy craft I believe. Can sell green/ raw hide or tanned hide. Brown/ grizzly has to be from predator control unit and have special tag from fish n game to sell.

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      NAFA's February/March auction report lists 160 "bears" offered and 100% sold. $150 was average and $370 was the high. I say "bears" because that is what it says and it does not distinguish between black or grizzly. I would assume they are all black.


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