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Denali Highway Spring baiting! Get your spot.

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  • Denali Highway Spring baiting! Get your spot.

    It's almost that time again! We'll be getting the barrels out on or near April 15th. With our dog food, molasses, beaver carcasses and a bunch of Bait Em 907 Bear Attractants, we'll be good to go. We'll have at least 4 barrels out, possibly 6. Bears usually start crawling out of their dens around April 5th to April 20th. The last two years we have even seen some big black bears come in. We don't see barrel activity until the first week of May, at the earliest. They will walk by, and be in the area, but won't go in until that first week of May. Seems like they are just putting it in their memory bank for when they are ready to start eating heavily.

    But early April through May is a great time to be out looking for bears emerging from their dens!

    We are going to allow people to reserve barrels for their stay. We ask that if they are not hunting the barrel that night, and hunting somewhere else, to please allow other people use it.

    There is no charge for use of the bait barrels. A) It's illegal cause we aren't big game guides. B) I check with fish and game every year to verify that what we are doing is okay.

    Our goal is to thin out bears and help the moose population. Barrels are out until June 30th.

    Forum room rate is $75 per night, includes all your meals, bed, wifi. Beer and fuel are extra.

    Good luck out there this spring!
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    I'm in would love to let wife shoot a bear ! Kurt


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      What a great deal to help the moose and caribou population up there. Dang hard to beat that price for sure.
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        All the barrels have been hit. Our first barrel hunters were out a couple of days ago. One barrel was ripped off the tree and smashed like a beer can. The other barrels had all been hit. Still lots of space left, and we have several weeks left in the season. Good luck to all of you!

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