Brown bear/Grizzly baiting success??



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  • Brown bear/Grizzly baiting success??

    Just curious how everyone has been doing in the legal Brown/Grizzly baiting's definitely turning out to be a different ball game than black bears for me.

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    Have had pictures on the trail camera of three different patterns, very random times. Have yet to be sitting the stand and have one come in till last night. It came in stealth mode and we never saw it until it bolted. My guess is it caught wind of us. Funny how wind never seemed to matter and daylight hour visits to the bait were common when we couldn't shoot them.
    It is a new stand in an new area for me...

    A friend of mine said his bait was being hit at random hours this year too. He was never able to establish a pattern, but he was lucky enough to be sitting when a 9+ footer came in and he killed it with his long bow.

    General questions......Is it just this year with the early warm weather, or is it grizz in general that are more random? Or is it due to new stand location and they are yet to become habituated?


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      seems to be just random in general to me..and they're way more spooky. I know what you mean about seeming to see them all the time when it wasn't legal...that sounds like a heck of a bear your buddy got!!


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        During June the grizz in my area had a very random moving and eating pattern. But the further the month passed they got more and more routinized. In the beginning of July I managed to bow one down, such a comeon feeling! 8feeter in good shape! But I can agree, they were random..
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