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how long before checking new bait

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  • how long before checking new bait

    I'm new to bear baiting. I set my station out Saturday evening. How long should I wait before I go check for any hits??

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    Hard to say. If there are bears nearby, you could get hits by the next day. If not, it may take a while. Last year my buddy put his bait out on Saturday over memorial day weekend. He came back the next day and his bait was completely destroyed! If you gave it about three days that would probably be long enough to let it settle but not too long that they eat all your bait before you have a chance to restock it. Assuming you put out a good amount of bait.


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      I started with 30 lbs of dog food and some stuff from baitem907. Do you think 30lbs is a good start??


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        Dog food is good early in the season, maybe it agrees with their systems early on. We've had them watch us.... even had one walk into the bait before we were gone and wouldn't leave. The 4 wheeler is like a dinner bell.

        If you do go in, freshen up the scents. And put some heavy logs or branches up to cover the bait. You'll have a visual as to if it's been hit without having to walk right up to it. Keeps the ravens out, too.


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          Go back in today.... they're hungry now and scarfing food. Early on I usually do some honey burns and get a lot of scent in the air.


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            This year I picked a completely new area and set up a whole new bait. Sometimes (as stated) they get hit fast and sometimes it's slow, to not at all in isolated stories told. I checked mine 5 times in 7 days. On the 8th day, a BIG *** blackie is in it.. The only bear so far to touch it per the pic's....
            Gave it 2 days after a nice fresh rebait (2 days ONLY because of scheduling)...Going in tomorrow for the kill...

            I'd go check it if I were you... Don't get all butthurt if it's not hit. If it's a new area, give it time. If it's trashed, rebait, give it 12 to 24hrs., then hunt it....
            Good luck....


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              Thanks everyone. I'm headed 2 check it now with some new bait just in case


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                Just got back home. Just checked the bait and time lapse on the camera since Saturday evening. No hits yet. I'll head back out friday


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                  Just saw these today, they are on the move

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