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Guess it's not meant to be this year.

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  • Guess it's not meant to be this year.

    It started with high hopes of a great baiting season but now in the final three weeks it is not looking so good. With my string of bad luck I had just as soon stay home and break something there. I registered two sites in early April after plodding through 2 feet of snow around quartz lake area and found two suitable sites. I have 3 trailers to haul wheelers and gear in but due to bad roads and old springs my enclosed trailer snapped a spring and it was out so now I only had two. I let a buddy use my car hauler trailer the next weekend to move some stuff and wouldn't you know it he spun a bearing on it. Now I am down to one small trailer. I popped a trash can full of popcorn and get my stinky stuff all ready. I go out to set up my site with smells and signs galore to advise others of my intensions. I get to the unload site and realize that I shredded a tire on this trailer. Now I am dangling in the wind with no trailers and no way home. I call a favor from a buddy and he carries my broke crap back to the house. I now have two of my trailers back and wonder what the point would be to try. I don't need anymore bad juju happening to my trailers and so far my wheeler is running great, don't want to jinx that. So I guess it was not meant to be this year, maybe I will try again next year. (silly statement of course I will be there again next year!) Good luck to all that wasn't jinxed this year.

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    Sorry to hear of all your misfortunes. I think we have all had our share of jinxed hunting adventures. I hope the rest of your hunting season if filled with success and good fortunes. Baiting is fun and I hope a weird season does not take it away from you in the future.
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      The point is, you can't just sit around and wish/wonder, you have to go out and make things happen. Put the trailers back together and go use 'em! The bears are out there waiting for you...and they're hungry!!!!! We all have runs of bad luck, but knocking down a big ol' blackie will make you forget all about it.


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        If it wasn't for the bad luck your having, you wouldn't have any luck at all.. Fix your trailer and git r done..
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          One things a sure bet. U can't change your hunting luck at home. Owning a great running 4 wheeler that is sitting at home is worse than not having one at all. U ever notice that you never remember all the things that went wrong, the rain or the mud? At least it seems to me that all of the things I suffer through on a hunt are forgotten on the way home. :-) Most of my memories are built on the things that make a hunt memorable, not the animal I have taken.
          Heck! I spent 4 days in a tent in Cold bay, with 80 mph winds with 100 mph gust. I also spent 3 days in a tent on Kodiak with 65 mph winds and the most rainfall ever recorded in a 24 hour period. I will never forget either experience, but I can't tell you how many days the sun shined on any hunt further back than last hitch.

          Get out there Steve_O got for it man. You can fix broke stuff all winter :-)


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            Rainy day. I guess I'll just stand here in the rain. Where's my tail. Have you seen my tail? -Eyore
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