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Bear baiting and fires

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  • Bear baiting and fires

    I'm baiting in area 20B with the smell of smoke from a few nearby fires drifting to my stand. How do you think this affects the bear activity? Does the smell of smoke run them off or is it normal to Interior Alaska bears?

    Thanks, KWP

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    If you are referring to forest fires, due to the number of forest fires that the interior has every year, I'd be willing to bet that they're more or less used to fires and it's business as usual for them. If your talking about a campfire that someones burning food scraps in, then possibly, it could draw away your bear(s).. As far as running them off due to just smoke smell, I'd definately say, not. They're heading where the food is, smoke or not.


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      I was talking about forest fires, thanks. Just never thought about it, until last weekend with so much smoke low in the valleys at night and early morning.


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