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Ran outta food at my bait, did I loose th bear hitting it?

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  • Ran outta food at my bait, did I loose th bear hitting it?

    Hey, my bait got hit ( I have been gettin pictures of dogs hitting it so I don't know if it was a bear of dog) and I have ust been using 5 Gal buckets, and I was wondering if it was a bear that hit it, if, because I haven't been able to replinish the bait in 2 days, if I lost the bear coming to it.

    Work has been insaine (14 hours a day, 7 a week) I am makin more bait now, but I'd hate to loose a bear.
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    It will come back, I wouldn't worry about it. I couldn't check my bait for a week and half after getting a hit this year and the bears cleaned it out. I replenished a few days ago and hunted the next night and killed a nice bear that night. If theres food they will come.


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      (whisper voice) If you bait it, He will come


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        same thing happenned to me a few times this year the more I brouught the more he ate. Bait it and he'll come back mine did 2 hours later!


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