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150 bucks not enough

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  • 150 bucks not enough

    To get a decent trail cam? Got one a couple weeks ago and the first go around I got good results. Changed out the SD card noticed the on off switch was actin funny, finally got it set and left. Come back three days later, baits been hit and camera has no power. Switch and battery setup was funky so exchanged for a new one same model. Well I got this one programmed but think its gonna give me the same problems. Turn the switch off and the dang thing didnt turn off! Removed batteries and it reset and seems to be ok now but for how long? Pretty dissapointed in this brand and the celebrity that backs it up.

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    I think two of mine were $99 on sale. They work great!


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      Mine are 79 dollars a piece and they work great. Only gripe is they will only take a 1GB SD card which are surprisingly hard to find now.


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        I found mine on Amazon, packaged together with a lock box and cable lock for about $140 and free delivery. Seems like a good deal. I like to buy local when i can but this was about half what i was seeing in the stores.
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          I am assuming you have a bushnell.

          I got the Moultrie D40 for 109 IIRC last year and it has been running fine for me last year and this year


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            I use a couple of really inexpensive Wildview cameras. They are regularly $59, but got them for $49 each. Both have been mauled by Grizzlies and Blacks, but still work good enough. I even had to put caulk in the puncture holes to keep them water tight.


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              We used a cuddeback IR and the pictures came out awesome. Had great battery life also. Rather more expensive though.


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