Unit 7 black bear down



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  • Unit 7 black bear down

    Well this is my first year baiting. I had a rough start and finally started getting hits on my bait last weekend. I headed out on Saturday night to hunt the evening and got there to find everything at my stand destroyed by what I think had to have been a brown bear. I stayed there for a few minutes looking around and decided to head back to the car and come back later to try to fix my site again. On the way out I walked up on a nice black bear about 30 yards from my stand. She saw me and started heading towards me and then disappeared in some brush. I waited about 5-10 more minutes looking for her before she came out about 12 yards away on my other side. I stayed behind the tree I was next to and waited for a clean shot with my bow. She finally took another step into a lane and I got a shot. She only went about 15 yards before she went down. I couldn't have asked for a better hunt! Needless to say that is where the fun ended and the work began but it was all worth it... Thank you to everyone on here giving advice about baiting that made my hunt successful.

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    Congratulations on arrowing a Bear. And double thank you for doing it in unit #7 (I hope it was one of the Millions of Black Bears on the Hope Road)........:topjob:


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