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  • One lil bear

    Bought a trail cam the other day to find out the times the bait is gettin hit. Appears to be all over the board AND by only one bear. Got the barrel full and cherry kool aid sprinkled all over the place. Hope the lttle guy brings in some bigger friends. Takin a nap and try and be back out there by 6pm....stayed from 4:30 till ten this morning he was there from 3 am till 4 am and never showed up again. Expectin a early evening appearance tonight.

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    Good luck to you and I hope the big one follows. Maybe think about a bear call if he isn't coming around when you are in the stand
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      Hey, at least your gettin hit!
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        Gave me the slip again last night. Gonna let it soak a few days, maybe check mid week. One thing I am noticin is this little bear is likin the kitty food more than the molasses and sugar poured all over the trunk of the tree. I found that a bit odd. Oh and camprobbers LOVE bacon!


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