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  • Girlfriends first big game

    Finally got the gf first bear. we tried last year and at our first chance she shot this girl at 1130 wendsday the 24th. She is so happy and excited. Though its not the biggest bear she is so excited and i am proud that i could give her the chance to take this beautiful bear. she shot it and the bear ran right over the hill. 15 minutes later we got out of the tree and looked for blood, unfortunately we did not find a drop and we walked 20 yards in the direction of where she ran. We could hear some rustling around but no loud breathing and moaning. so we decided to leave her for the night and come back in the morning. We got home and to bed at 2 am and woke up by 4 to head back out. we tracked the bear by 6 am only 80 yards from where the girlfriend shot it. It was a long ride worrying about shot placement and not finding blood, and the girlfriend said i rushed her on the shot. I know i get excited but didnt think i was rushing her. haha but she made a great shot anyways and found her bear. She is a proud lady and i am proud to be her guy.

    Once we got the bear out of the baitstation she cut the first lines on the hide and we both skinned the bear. she did an excellent job on that too and we made quick work of the hide.

    I was back to work at 1030 and she was sitting in her nursing class by 11. Unfortunately that hunt took a lot out of her and she dozed off and on in class. but we have the trophy at the taxidermist for a rug with black and red felt.

    I know the different emotions i feel when having the opportunity to take an animal and actually take the shot, and it was even stronger when watching the first kill let alone a bear be taken. She was so bored sitting in the stand for 4 + hours that evening then the adrenaline skyrocketed with the first sight of the bear. After the shot she was even more excited, where it then turned to uneasyness when we didnt find blood. Soon after it was being scared when we could hear the bear on the ground not too far away. She nearly cried as i stayed confident with my trusty guidegun in hand. The next morning the tension faded with the first sights of the thick hide.

    She is one step closer to being ready for our adak hunt the last week of august.

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        Its always great to see another hunter bag thier first! Good work!
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          That is awsome! I think it is the best to see men taking their wives and girlfriends out hunting. My wife loves sitting in the stand, but she's stii reluctant to shoot one. This just may be the year (fingers crossed)!
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            Well Done!! Good looking bear. It being a first makes it that much better.

            Hold on to that one. You know she is a good one if she will help with the skinning and butchering.


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              Congrats what u having made out of the meat?


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                Outstanding set of pics there,

                Congratulations to your girl, she looks like she was having fun out there too,...

                What a Catch, have great times outdoors together,
                and thanks also,for the shot of inspiritation
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                  Congrats...and thanks for sharing. The first bear is awesome. My wife shot her first bear 2 years ago, and is now totally hooked!! We are heading out to PWS in the morning, hoping to find her this Spring's prise!!

                  Congrats, and thanks for sharing!! You will now be hooked on bear hunting!!

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                    Way to go to your both!!! Getting her hunting and showing her that it is something she too can take part in and enjoy can pay dividends over the long haul. She has every right to be proud of that bear, thanks for sharing your story man.


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                      Most excellent! That bear will look fantastic on the wall and it should taste even better!!
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