1st Black Bear!!



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  • 1st Black Bear!!

    Well this was my first year baiting tried spot and stalk last year. I'm down in unit 7. I put my bait out on the 7th came back the 13th nothing. So we rebaited with some concotions peeps and cherry Kool Aid, also doused 2 gallons of mollasses.

    I went back on the 16th to find my bait cleaned and my barrel beat to heck. I then got really excited and checked my sd card from the trail cam and found a1 or 2 nice black bears one of which was big and a giant brownie. I was so anxious to get out and sit my stand as I had pictures of the two of them and one was hitting consistently between 730 and 930 pm.

    Well on the 17th I hung my stand and got seated at 640pm really boring watching squirells steal my bait. Then abouut 930 I hear a dead log crack which opens my eyes a little then about 2 minutes later I hear it again, then there he was! He was very very cautious and laid down to nap about 10 times. He stepped off the trail and onto a log peered through the trees and stared straight at me, propmtly getting the hell out of dodge now I'm thinking to myself I got busted. But he didn't run far because there he is snorting weezing, and hitting dead logs with such force it seems their exploding with every slap. He took 4 different trails on attempts to get into the bait with the 3rd resulting in him on his hind legs staring me down before running off again.

    The forth time he came in its now 1040 I keep saying to myself one more step, one more step. He takes what I belive will be the final step before I fire and then CLICK misfire,the firing pin hit my Fed premium 180 NP he glares in my driections, but proceeds to do a 180 and get one paw up on my barrel as I take what seemed like an hour to quietly reload another round. This one doesn't fail me and he goes 15yds and slides face first into some alders no death moan no movement it's now 1041 and he's down. Double lung and heart shot.

    I go to claim my first Bear. He Squares near 6'4 maybe more I will remeasure when I thaw the hide. His skull greened at 17 14/16". He was more than 3 men could pick up and still had 2 inches of fat on his rump he was estimated at 350 not sure no scale lol.

    Pics to come in a few I gotta run a quick errand!


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    Congratulations..........Well done.
    ALASKA is a "HARD COUNTRY for OLDMEN". (But if you live it wide'ass open, it is a delightful place to finally just sit-back and savor those memories while sipping Tequila).


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      RIght on lets see some pics!! Keep up the good work.


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        Trail cam pics!
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          Didn't realize he was that dirty oops! Still a proud man...
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            Awesome dude! I hope to experience my first black bear this weekend! That white pattern on its chest is really cool. Good Job!!!


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              Congradulation, that is a very nice bear. It sounds like it is time to start reloading your own ammo. It is amazing how load the click of a miss fire is when aiming at your trophy. Been their, done that, reload my own ever since.
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                Thanks for sharin Zinker, My bait has not been hit yet...any day now


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                  Wow!!,nice chest markings,still have not seen one with any yet.Great bear I bet your pumped.


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                    very nice bear! Congradulation. Its amazing how these bears can get you going. I've watched and killed a few bears at my baits but still get the shakes when a big bear comes in!


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