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  • Best Time to Sit at my Bait

    This is my first season baiting and was wondering what is a general good time to sit in my stand. I had a trail camera but someone else found it and decided they needed it more than me so they took it. I know I have bears hitting the site, just don't want to spend any more time sitting in the stand than I have too.

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    4 in the afternoon till dark. The biggest bears come in late, generally. Not always the rule of thumb but *generally* true.
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      Thiefs Suck!

      I HATE thiefs and i'm sorry you lost your camera. The short answer would be to buy another camera and build a locking box to preserve it. Those pictures will tell you when to be their better than anyone here can. I used to think that you had to sit in the evening, and I do belive for the most part that would be the better time, but after seeing the time stamps on some of the pictures i would have to say anytime is a good time.
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        Bears will pattern you if you always go at the same time. I shot a nice one at 11 am two years ago as she kept showing up on cam about that time. Usually I get them between 10 and 11pm; I couldn't get to one stand till 8 most nights, and started seeing all my hits from 5-7 on cam. Changing things up is good. I'd plan to spend a full day out there at least once; like 8am till midnight. Bring a book, video game, take a nap if needed, just be there and keep your scent down somewhat.


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          We usually sit anywhere from 5pm to midnight. Never had much luck in the morning or day, but they will certainly come in then. The mornings are awesome with the birds singing, etc. Just have never had any luck!


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            First off let me tell you that really sucks about your trail camera. Nothing torks me more than a thief!

            I will echo what has already been said. I have had my best luck in the evenings, plus with me I like to put my kids to bed and then head to the stand for an evening sit. All bears I have taken have been between 9pm and midnight.



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              I would sit when the bears were there...Had to say it. Evening work best for us. Although we were getting hit time and time again one year and couldnt get that bear one night my wife says lets sit in the morning.BAM We had sat 4 or 5 nights and no bear but the bait was hit daily..


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                I would sit till dark, but then I'd prolly be to scared to get out, and I'd stay all night....
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