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  • Whitter shark fishing???

    I have been sifting through the posts on shark fishing and I have not found anyof the info I was hoping to find. I am hoping that someone on here will help me out I have for a long time wanted to catch one of those salmon sharks every since I seen my first one swimming along the surface of Cook inlet about 15 years ago and every time I have tried to set up a charter to go and fish for them my fishing buddies have bailed on me. I bought a 25 ft boat a few years back and hope to be able to go out there in my own boat out of Whitter or Seward. Valdez is just too far to take my boat.
    If someone on this forum will be so kind to give me someplace to start it would be a big help I dont want your secret spot and I like to learn things for my self but this fishery is completly foreign to me so if someone can just give me some general information as all I need is a place to start.


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    I don't have any advice to offer other than check out a couple videos on YouTube. Theres a few that get descriptive with technique while they are fishing/catching them over on the Valdez side of the Sound, Fidalgo Bay if I remember correctly.
    I also would like to target them. If you learn anything, please pass it on to the rest of us.
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      When I chartered them we were out by Hinchinbrook in July.


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        You may have to go aways, as stated Fidalgo always has them when the salmon are present.
        In the Eastern Sound, the area off Windy Bay on Hawkins Island seems to have lots. Then from Johnstone Point to Bear Cape on Hinchinbrook Island. But any place you see large schools of Humpies in the Sound, you can bet there are Salmon sharks lurking around.


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          We decided on a Whittier shark charter to get educated and see if we like shark. A few of us were contemplating going after sharks but don't have the experience, adequate gear or know how to deal with a live one next to the boat or proper care of it if we landed it. Safety is critical in dealing with these bad boys, you may not have a second chance if something goes bad. I don't want to invest tons of money into gear that may be used once/season, you could do a few charters for the price. The meat may be great if properly taken care of, but being an apex predator they are high in mercury (compared to salmon). They are also a ways out of Whittier which may be out of range for most folks. Any way you look at it, personal boat or charter they are expensive fish from the Whittier end.


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            If you want to catch them, you have to get over to the eastern part of the Sound. No 2 ways about it. You can launch from Whittier but you need to travel over to where they are at. We've caught them on stout halibut gear. Bring a gun. Bleed it out, gut it and cut it up and get it on ice pronto and it will be good eating. Pork would be the closest comparison. They are high in mercury, no ifs, ands, buts about it. If that bothers you don't kill it.


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