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  • Who Sells Best Herring Bait

    From your experience who sells the best herring for halibut fishing between Anchorage and Deep Creek? I know the Gear Shak on Homer Spit usually has nice herring but I may not get down that far.

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    I buy from a gillnetter in North Kenai. There are guys in Clam Gulch that gillnet also and have a sign out in front of their place. Fresh caught herring really helps catch rates. These herring are nice size. I buy around 100 lbs and package them for individual trips. Usually pay $1 a pound. Worth it.


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      i buy in bulk also but i just salt it in buckets and store it like that seems to work well


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        What is the best way to keep hearing firm for a entire weekend? We fish from an open boat with out any storage so the hearing sits in the cooler, buy late Sat. or early Sunday it is always soft. So if a I guy buys in bulk & takes a zip lock or two, or a couple packages of the troll hearing what is the best method to keep it? Borax, rocksalt, or just regular salt in a small coole and how much salt are we talking, a lb per couple dozen or so?
        Any ideas to help stop the waste would be appreciated.


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          Tanners in Ninilchik has good boxed frozen herring . Next to the gas station to the south.


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