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Deep Creek May 1

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  • Deep Creek May 1

    I was surprised to see so few boats. I saw maybe ten boats total on Sunday despite the launch operating. The amazing thing was that out of 10 boats, 3 were drift boats.

    I guess that would be weird except we were in kayaks so I guess we are part of the "different" group.

    Morning low slack produced nothing. Water was murkier and the wind and fog made it miserable. The weather clears just in time for High slack that we got to fish for about an hour maybe closer to two hours. During that time between two us we land 2 small halibut ping pong paddle and maybe a 10 pounder), a cod, and two Irish Lords. Too bad we didn't have more time. We were in about 30 ft of water.

    We will hit again soon. One boat said they had boated a really nice king. More details in th kayaking section.

    Quick video of the trip:

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    You might be glad that there wasn't a bunch of boat traffic.Might have rocked you more than the swell.Keep at it ---those big kings should be coming up the coast right now heading home..........
    Call me I'll be free to go next time.


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