Silvers weekend of July 23rd



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  • Silvers weekend of July 23rd

    Going to be on the Kenai and do a couple of flyin trips across Cook inlet 3rd week of July. We are going to be in Seward on July 23rd. Is there typically good silver or silver combo trips out of Seward at this time or is it too early

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    I start catching silvers at Seward the first of July and catch them for the rest of the summer. Some days you just have to hunt for them, or, I guess the word is "fish".


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      Three years ago my wife & I fished out of Seward the first week of August and did fantastic on the silvers. I would think that the silvers should atleast be pretty good a week to 10 days before that. On that trip we also caught halibut, sea bass, and two feeder size kings.
      I know the third week of July was great for silvers when we did a flyout last year to Wolverine.


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        Thanks for the responses. We are doing a fly in to Wolverine on July 19th for reds and on the 25th for Silvers. We are going to be in Seward on the 22nd for the Kenjai Fjords tour and were considering staying and doing this trip on the 23rd for something a little different. Would you typically be trolling for silvers and kings at this time from Seward??


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          There should be plenty of options for silver charters at that time... in fact, July 23 is my birthday and fishing can be quite good. Typically, most charters will be mooching (drifting) for silvers in the salt... only a few smaller boats are actually trolling; kings are more incidental than targeted at this time, but always a chance.

          Since you're already doing two days of fly-out salmon fishing, I'd recommend looking into a halibut/salmon charter... most boats running combo trips at this time will focus on the experience of catching multiple species, halibut, lingcod, rockfish, and salmon... and the scenery's not bad either.


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            That is a great time of year to do very well on silvers, halibut, rockfish etc. The last two years July has been really good and then slowed some in August, but you still caught fish.


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