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Fishing trip for military family..

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  • Fishing trip for military family..

    Would like to find a decent rate on a charter for a military family. My husband is currently in the warrior transition batallion on fort richardson. We have 2 boys 3 and 5. We would like to find someone that would offer and decent price where we could afford off of one military pay. My family loves fishing just cannot afford full price trips... I could possibly find a sitter if you feel uncomfortable with the little ones on your boat. they would have to wear life jackets... Thank you email

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    Did you check the MWR facilities in Seward..??


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      You could rent one of the boats from Army side MWR and do it yourself. Two or three days fishing with 4 people fishing can put up a lot of halibut fillets. Or you could hook up on the "Open Seat" thread pinned at the top. Hope this helps.

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        We've had mixed trips with MWR - one no fault of their own (mechanical probs) - mainly relating to the crew. Only 3 trips though. Certainly could have been luck of the draw.

        Give ebbtide a call - Marvin and his crew are good with families.

        Best of luck.
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          Seward MWR is excellent!


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            If you are looking for a trip in the mid to end of July for silvers you guys could go out with me. I run several trips a season off of the take a soldier fishing thread. You can check out some of the pictures there.
            I am not a charter for hire, we all just have fun. PM me if you are interested.
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              I second getting a hold of Ebbtide.


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