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Question about Ketchican and Juneau

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  • Question about Ketchican and Juneau

    My wife and I hope to be able to take an Alaskan cruise later this summer and we want to do some shore fishing. We have visited both Ketchican and Junea before and fished at the Creek Street Bridge and at Dipac and had good luck. If we are able to make a trip this year (hoping cruise prices drop) it will be later than we have visited before. Will probably be late July through the end of August. What I would like to know is will there be fish in these locations that late in the year that can be caught from shore?

    I know that most of the people who frequent this forum are serious fishermen and probably don't fish either of these places but I know that you guys know how the fish behave well enough to answer the question. We would love to do a charter but by the time we get to Alaska our budget is shot.

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated so thanks in advance for taking time to reply.

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    Pinks will be available and maybe coho also.
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      Juneau = Very tail end of the king run @ DIPAC (late july), beginning of silvers (later in August = better) pinks


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        Here's an option IF you're a bit adventurous. It's on my list but probably next year. Both my AK trips for 2011 plus a late summerTexas Gator gar trip are booked.


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