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    If I'm asking a dumb question, I apologize in advance...

    Can a person fish around Valdez in a personal cat? By "can a person fish," I mean to ask if it is legal and safe. Secondly, if legal and safe, would a person stand a chance of catching anything? What about off the bank?
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    Certainly, one can fish safely near Valdez and catch something. The city dock is a popular "fishing hole". When the salmon are in you can catch them from most places along the shore if you can gain access, Allison Point is popular for such, as is Mineral Creek area. Beware the afternoon sea-breeze.


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      I agree with .338WM....I'd add that if you go to the boat harbor, take the perimeter road around it but stay straight where it goes right to the harbor backside, there is a little beach there where the personal kayakers launch. You could putter around there on a personal cat, but if you go out and try to pass the harbor entrance and it is busy, there will be too many boats to navigate. If you go out towards Allison Point, there are a couple places along the road I think you could launch, and there is little if any boat traffic around there. July for pinks, August for silvers. You might want to put one of those orange flags like bike riders use on your cataraft so you can be seen by boats.


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        I actually saw a couple fishermen in float tubes over by Allison Pt one year. I don't think I'd do that with seals/sea lions around, but on a calm day, you should be OK in a cat.


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          Good information! I sure do appreciate it. After two years up here I should have visited Valdez, but my pursuits have taken me elsewhere. Are there any fish around in the spring? Kings don't really come up in that part of the sound, right? Are people fishing yet or is it still preseason? Are there any rockfishes or fish that live in the rocks that a person could catch with some light tackle or is that mostly further out also? I've got two trips planned down that way over spring/summer so I'll probably just give it a try and see if anything bites. If I get discouraged on the cat, I might wander over and see if anyone has an early season special.

          Side note... what kind of fish is this?
          Click image for larger version

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          If I catch another one, can I keep it?
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            Looks like an arrowtooth flounder. I have not tried one, but I hear they are ok to eat fresh, but don't freeze well. My guess is that there will be plenty of rockfish to play with near Valdez, just be careful on the water with a small craft.


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              It looks more like a starry flounder which like near shore and estuarine areas. I dont believe arrowtooth dont come too close shore, I have only heard of them cuaght at deeper depths. They are good eating but the armored scales will dull your fillet knife. Eat them quick as they do not freeze too well.


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                I agree with leadworm. It appears to be a starry flounder. We used to catch a lot of them off the spit as kids. They fry up real nice.
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                  Gave the cataraft a try over the weekend and it went quite well. The water was calm and I had no trouble rowing anywhere I pleased. Caught nothing - which was not a surprise.

                  Does anyone know this Dave character on the forum? Does he really have a bushy white beard? I met a fellow down by the ferry terminal who looked a lot like his avatar, but I hated to ask if it was him. He was carrying a camera and shooting oystercatchers - also he had no teeth on top, which made him difficult to understand. Heckuva nice guy though, and he gave me some great photography tips.
                  Passing up shots on mergansers since 1992.


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