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Is my boat big enough?

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  • Is my boat big enough?

    I've got a 19' fish-rite rogue. The boat is powered with a 50 horsepower for the Kenai River. Do you think my boat is big enough to go out of Homer and do some halibut fishing? I'm really a 'newbie' to fishing the ocean. I've fished plenty of charters boats but never ran my own boat on the ocean.

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    It all depends on your boat handling skills and weather conditions. Alot of people ply K-bay in small skiffs. The key is being able to get out and back before conditions get nasty. It doesn't seem to take much of an afternoon breeze to kick up a chop that would at least be uncomfortable in a 19' boat. Just be careful and keep in mind no fish is worth risking your life for.
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      Absolutely! I fished the bay many times when I had my 18 foot klamath. Follow the 10 knots and 2 foot rule, going out early and beating the afternoon winds, and you will be fine. Lots of decent spots within a few miles of the spit.
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        geesh! MY 18' Klamath was the 3rd boat I got to run in the inlet! I thought it was HUGE!
        True north, go for it, as Pete and Paul have stated watch the weather, 90% of the time its fantastic. Until you are more familiar with the ripping currrents that happen around mid tide, dont anchor. Good idea to anchor as practice during slack periods, just get it up before she gets cookin', unless you are used to it.
        lots of fish that you dont have to go out very far for!
        go have FUN!


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          Plenty Big Enough

          PM SENT reply for more info


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            Don't have to go 30 miles or even South (right hand turn off Lands End) Main Street Hole, 270 degrees of Lands End till you see Main Street go from the beach to the Hospital, Back side of Gull Island, China Poot drop off, Halibut Cove don't know where they came up with that name there. Millers Landing are all less than 10 miles.
            But still watch the weather.
            Fished Homer first time 1976


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