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    Iím seriously considering going to the City of Kodiak for 3 Ė 4 days in June for fishing and am going to have to make up my mind soon. Iíd like to take some combo charters for halibut/salmon/whatever and maybe do some fishing from shore. My spouse is going and she doesnít want to go to one of the remote lodges. Any advice about charter operators, where to fish, gear, time of year, etc., or personal experiences would be appreciated. Iíve been to Kodiak island deer hunting before but never spent any time in the city.

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    Contact Shaw Patterson at Woodland Charters in Kodiak and he is a wealth of information for the area


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      June might find bank opportunity for the artificial King runs at several locations. As well, the early run of the reds comes in at one of the town's rivers during this same period. Fishing at sea is combo-varied and ususally produtive in that egress is relatively short and you have more time with your bait in the water as opposed to transit.

      The book on fishing Kodiak (226 pgs and highly detailed) is in the bookstore on this site. I wrote it; if you have any other questions feel free to give me a personal e-mail. if you want to call me, my advice is given for free.

      The island is a gem...

      "Two decades researching and defining fishing opportunities in the Last Frontier!"


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        Bernard: I ordered your book. I'm usually meticulous about planning outdoor trips and do so well in advance but this year a couple of things have popped up to complicate my life.

        Capt Bruce: Thanks for the point of contact.

        I spent a week in 2009 deer hunting on Kodiak, the weather was awful, the deer were hard to get to, the bears were terrifying, and I loved it.


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          Also try John Parker with KingBusters Charters.


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            Originally posted by Stellar Jay View Post
            I spent a week in 2009 deer hunting on Kodiak, the weather was awful, the deer were hard to get to, the bears were terrifying, and I loved it.
            :-) :-) :-)
            Reminds me of a great line from the movie "The Best of Times" with Kurt Russel and Robin Williams. As adults, they replay the small town college football championship game they'd lost miserably 20 years prior. Kurt is the quarterback, Robin the wide receiver who dropped the last second fateful pass to lose the game. Anyway, they end up winning, of course, and the two walk off the field, Russel hobbled on bad knees. "How do your knees feel?" Williams asks. "They hurt like hell," Russell replies, "They feel great."
            "The Gods do not subtract from the allotted span of men's lives the hours spent in fishing" Assyrian Tablet 2000 B.C.


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              Hey there-

              I was in Kodiak last summer and thought you might like to hear my experiences. It is absolutely beautiful there first of all and I'm sure you will love it (providing it doesnt rain 24/7). I was there from about June 12-24 or so and fishing in a few locations close to town. My first effort was for reds on the buskin (right next to the airport) and unfortunately things didnt work out so well. The run simply hasnt shown up to nearly its potenetial and has been limited by fish and game for the past 2+ years I believe. If the run is strong this year, however, it was a very nice location which would provide for great fishing opportunities. I also tried for reds at pasagshak about an hour out of town with greatly limited success. The red run here last here also was kind of a flake from what I saw. Tiny schools of fish would pop in and out during high tide, making catching one or two possible and fun due to the site fishing opportunity. Unfortunately, however, upstream there was virtually NO reds to be found in hours and hours of walking up and down the creek I only saw one medium size spooked school. Once again, provided the run shows up, the spot is GORGEOUS and truly worth your while to visit. I then fished at Monashka bay for kings, and there managed to hook one small king, they recently started this run and 4 year fish should be coming back this year, I would expect fishing here or at the other enhanced king locations this year would be a blast. If the runs are terrible, however, there is always nice sized dollies to be had off of many of the towns local beaches, (try mission beach for starters). If you come during the mid-late part of June you also could have fun with pinks casting into the surf with a small spinner.

              As for saltwater fishing, Kodiak is simply the best place to do it, period. My family brought our 16' boat on the fairy and caught numerous halibut of great eating size (20-35) lbs within a few miles from the harbor, with the biggest fish being 55 lbs in 20 feet of water! We are fairly new to fishing salt with the boat and did not attempt any efforts with kings/silvers in the salt but I know they are abundant and catch rates are high. I would strongly advise going out on a day charter to enjoy the scenery, and catch plenty of huge fish!

              Have fun, I know I don't have the best information out there but hopefully it will set you in the right direction.



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                Another few words of advice, I wouldn't trust anything the local "sport shop " employees say. I was told fishing was "HOT hot hot" in numerous locations with terrible runs. I don't know if I was speaking with uneducated employees or if fishing is always "hot" to increase sales, but I would get a second opinion from someone before heading out on an adventure to disappointment.

                You can also catch herring right next to town behind the seafood processors of varying small to HUGE sizes for fresh bait. I am unaware if fishing from shore here is possible as I was in a boat and can't visually picture if all the land was private or not right now, but the herring were really close to shore and very high quality.


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                  You might want to take an atv charter out to the Saltry. Awesome scenery and great fishing. Contact Shawn at Ultimate Island Adventures he has a nice boat for salt water and atvs. I will be fishing with him in aug. Good luck


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