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subsistence fishing vs 1 halibut per day rule

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  • subsistence fishing vs 1 halibut per day rule

    I have an interesting question. If a person held a subsistence halibut registration certificate (SHARC), would that person still only be allowed one halibut per day from a Southeast AK charter boat? I would say yes but a buddy of mine says that you could keep your subsistence limit. You can only imagine my "run around" with the fish and game on this. I can't get anyone to commit to an answer. I am not opening a debate on the merits of subsistence.....only what the specific limit of charter fish is. Thank you!

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    First you can't mix sub fish and sport fish, together limit is going to one for every participant on board, hence all sport fishing.

    Secondly, if sub fishing only the people with a SHARC card can fish, land, bleed, gut and fillet sub fish. Non card holders can observe but can't even drive the boat from what I understand.

    So if the charter captain has a SHARC card and you and your buddy go out with him and split expenses( not the charter rate ) then you coan subsist aboard his boat IMO.


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      My understanding is that you may only retain subsistence caught fish from a charter boat if you are the owner of said charter boat or a member of the owners immediate family and in possesion of a valid SHARC card and there are no paying customers aboard.
      So the answer is no you could still keep your subsistence limit but only if you meet the above criteria.
      Subsistance card holders not meeting the above criteria are not allowed to fish from charter boats.
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        Thank you guys. That's what I thought too.


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