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Homer or Seward for Halibut?

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  • Homer or Seward for Halibut?

    If you had to choose a place to do a halibut trip out of in September would yall choose Seward or Homer? Which place has the best scenery and wildlife and of course the best fishing during September?

    Thanks again

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    i'd pick homer, mostly because it's a shorter drive (for me)
    actually, i have no idea what the halibut fishing is like out of seward, but charters here are still running, and there can be some great king fishing in the fall. scenery is great both places, but i think the water in kachemak bay is prettier.
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      You may need to go with Homer due to the Seward charters shutting down by then, they seem to get their buts kicked all summer and shut down early while the homer charters keep going.
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        I would choose Homer.

        If I had a nickel every time this question was asked.

        I'd probably have a buck thirtyfive?..

        Homer Seward
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          I have never actually halibut fished out of Homer itself, but have many times up the coast (Deep Creek). Only fished out of Seward one time. Halibut was alittle disappointing size wise (compared to fishing at Deep Creek) plus the run out to the halibut grounds was quite long (almost 2 hours if I remember correctly). Did catch our limit, but largest on the boat was a 31#- lots of < 10#ers.
          For Halibut I would chose Homer area (but if anyone wants to invite me on a Seward trip- I'M UP FOR THAT!!!)


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            It's called the Halibut fishing capital of the world for a reason.
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              1. Seward has the best scenery. More dramatic mountains and glaciers although Homer is also very scenic.
              2. I've had more luck seeing Killer Whales, bears, goats, sea birds, etc., at Seward.
              3. For Halibut I'd pick Homer - bigger fish overall and a better chance at a real big one.

              The above is base on my personal experience and opinion.


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                Seward is good for halibut. Homer can be better. I say go to them both. I mean, why not? It's only money..........


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                  Thanks for the replies. I think we are going out of Homer. Also during Mid September what kind of whales can we see on our way to the fishing ground?


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                    you never can tell... humpbacks, orcas, harbor porpoise... maybe dall porpoise if you are out far enough. minke's in the bay, occasionally fin whales out by the barrens, but unlikely you will head out that far in september.
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                      Homer for Halibut
                      Seward for the view, but still good for Butts
                      Dutch Harbor if you really want Butt & adveture


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                        I did Homer last August and caught my two 20lb chickens pretty quick. Caught 6 total in a couple hours on a half day trip. Not much of a fight with 4 lbs of lead down 250 feet. Good workout. Scenery was great. Sunny and flat water. I hear we were lucky with the weather. By the time I shipped it to the lower 48 I had $30+/lb in it. Live and learn I guess. Goes great on my grill in VA though. No complaints there. Biggest thing we caught was about 35lbs but none as low as 10. 15 maybe at the smallest. Almost everything was right around 20-25. Lots of fish by the numbers though.

                        Good Luck


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