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Seward Combo Charter recommendations

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  • Seward Combo Charter recommendations

    I'm in need of some expertise. I'm a resident of Alaska and have taken a combo trip out of Seward before. I had a marginal experience, myself, and the other patrons weren't to impressed with the captain, (wont name names not into bashing). I will be going in the middle of July I would like to fish for Yellow Eyes, Lings and Halibut. I would sincerely appreciate some recommendations for a quality charter?

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    There are several

    And most of them are good, but you need to give Andy a call at Crackerjack. He and his guy's know were to get the fish...


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      there have been posts on this in the past with a lot of details, but my choice would be Crackerjack as well.
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        Combo's in July.

        Silvers and halibut are usually the targeted species in July on combos UNLESS the silvers are late or the orcas have them scattered. If that is the case, I know that The Fishhouse fleet will discuss with the customers about getting lings and halibut versus chasing the scattered silvers.

        Lings are always a possibility when on the bottom for halibut, but to expect a charter to target them in July may require an exclusive charter.

        I know both charters mentioned have six packs, so maybe an exclusive charter is what you should look into?

        Hope this helps!
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          Thank -you for your feed back I booked with Crackerjack


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