wanting to catch sum cods from the bank down in seward?



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  • wanting to catch sum cods from the bank down in seward?

    has anyone been down:question: and any advice please would be helpfull:question:

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    I wouldn't get your hopes up too high on that one. Near the waterfall by the Sea-Life Center, there are some fish. But, I have fished it a good deal in the summer and normally just get my gear really clean. I have hooked silvers and kings there in the past all the way up to the creek coming out of the lagoon when the fish would mill around by the beach areas. It has been years though that the numbers have been high enough for it to be fishable. You can also try walking the trail to Caines Head and fishing along it. It is a nice hike anyway that's worth doing even if you don't catch anything. Do watch the tides.....

    Bottom line??? Well go ahead and try, who knows you might hook onto something, but the fishing won't be hot, nor will the fish on your hook be a cod in all honesty. But I wouldn't be shocked in the least that you caught a sculpin or a greenling - which by the way are good eating if you don't mind picking around all the bones. Good luck to you.


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      You could try the end of the spit in Homer. Might be a bit early but there is usually something around.
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        I grew up in Seward, fished the banks, off the city dock end of 4th , old canary dock across the bay, and the harbor. Never caught any cod other than Tomcod, but did manage to catch a few chickens off the old canary dock but that dock is no longer there.
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