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  • Nordic Tug?

    I was wondering if any of you have used these guys before.They are out of Juneau.I would have to hire a captain but it sure sounds good to me.
    Thanks for any info you might be willing to share!!


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    Good guys and good boats. I have used them 5 times. I have a charter booked with them this June. I think the 37' is the best value for fishing. It is plenty big enough for 4 guys plus a captain if you are all used to spending time on the water. The 42' is probably a better choice for folks that aren't used to being on the water in a small boat, but is significantly more money and is a little harder to fish out of due to being farther off the water and having a bigger swim step. The smaller Nordic Tugs are a good choice for some situations too, but I haven't chartered one. I am 6'7" 250 and have a friend that is wider and only a little shorter, so anything smaller than the 37' is a bit cramped for us.

    If you do a search on this website for Nordic Tug you will find one or tw threads from last year about Nordic Tug Charters.



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