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  • braid shelf life

    You guys have any advice about shelf life of braid ? I change out my mono every year just because I'm paranoid but seems like braid might hold up better. Comments ?

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    I have braid that is close to 10 years old and it's still fine.
    Pretty sure most braids have a 1/2 life longer than Plutonium 238!!!


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      I think as long as its not frayed its closer to forever than one year. I've read it fairly impervious to UV and no memory. I have reels where I have just changed top 100 yards and that's been good for at least 5 years. I use the hivis yellow and red a lot and it does fade, but the strength seems solid so far working on over 5 years on 3 or 4 reels.


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        It does fade easily as it is very hard to get dye to take a good set in the fibers. That in no way impacts how well it works. I have had the same braid on a reel for 6 years and its still going strong.


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          The only reason I've found to change out mono yearly is that it has memory when tightly spooled on a reel, and that often leads to air knotting with casting with a spinning rod. I've used mono for several years on conventional reels with no problems, but most of my reels know run braid.

          As far as how long braid lasts, I cut off sections that are abraided, but asside from that, I have some reels that have had the same braid for 5-6 years and it works just as good as new. Braid doesn't have memory, so no worries with that.
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            The braided line has an outstanding shelf life.But you do have to keep an eye on the sections that are doing the work.It will fray on rocks,teeth,and other abrasive things.Cut of the frayed stuff and go fish.Pay attention to your gear so you don't lose the fish of a lifetime.


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              The braid I am using is over 10 years old, maybe close to 15 years and still in good condition.
              If you have an aluminum spool you should have the braid removed once in a while.
              Then coat the spool with a wax. I use whatever car wax I have at the time.
              Sometimes I use Corriozion X.
              Some salt water will stay in the braid and corrode the spool.
              I have a line winder. I remove my line once a year. I also rinse my braid with clean water.
              I use a spray bottle as I remove it and again as I rewind it.
              I live in Anchor Point. I would be glad to help anyone with this.
              Ken (Tiderunner)


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