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  • Whittier Kayaking - Mar 27

    Launched out of Whittier Sunday afternoon. Winds had been blowing a steady 10-13 mph with gusts to 30mph but I was desperate to try out the modified yak. Well I got to Whittier and about 30 minutes later the sun comes out and the winds die down!

    Because of strong gusts and I had just punched a dozen holes in my yak, I stayed close to Smittie's Cove. Still landed a flounder of some kind and a copper rockfish. No double uglies! I was bummed! lol.

    Other than it being a great day, I noticed the rockfish I had caught had shrimp antennae hanging out its mouth and I caught it in only 50 ft or so of water. I can't wait to try shrimping from my yak.

    Boy it sure felt like spring out there. A film maker I am not. You almost need dramamine to watch. It makes you realize how much work people like Jedi Salmon slayer and others put into their vids.

    Pretty crappy editing job, and probably a touch boring for those who go to Whittier. I was trying to show some of my friends the tunnel and such. Still a beautiful day!


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