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17' Alumaweld Talon in salt water

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  • 17' Alumaweld Talon in salt water

    I have a 17' Alumaweld and I'm wanting to take it out and chase a few fish in the salt. I would love to be able to catch some halibut of any size and get into some rockfish. I live in Wasilla. I'm willing to travel around 6 hours if needed. I grew up in WA and have fished Neah Bay my entire life. I have had this boat out there several times and fished within 15 miles of the harbor, never more than a couple miles or so off shore and I always watch the weather and tides. The boat has a 2008, 60 HP Merc 4 stroke on it.

    Any good ideas for location to take it out? I thought about Homer on the inside???


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    If you took it out in Neah Bay you will have no problem in seward, homer, deep creek, whittier - - but as you probably well know...PICK YOUR WEATHER -and don't go if it looks bad or they say it will get bad. There are several places on the web to check weather leading up to your trip...after departure a vhf radio is a must.

    Here's a couple links that I use - I watch the patterns all summer and fall...but i pay really close attention a few days before a trip...

    As for actually catching fish - there is an unspoken rule on my boat that if you are fishing on my boat that no fish will be caught period......but I aim to modify that rule THIS year.........LOL. Search this site and you will find lots of ideas on where to go with a boat your size.


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      A Talon Will Work

      Your Talon will do fine in the salt. During the Seward Silver Derby I have seen little 12' boats out in Ressurection Bay with 3 people onboard.Not to mention folks that go out in kayaks.You might question some peoples sanity (I do)but feel confident that your boat will do fine.It sounds like you will do your homework prior to heading out.Bullelkklr gave some outstanding sites for checking water conditions,so definately check them out 1st.If you've spent time out in the Straight of Juan de Fuca you won't have any problems in all the places you want to go.
      If you want to target rockfish PM me for some pretty good spots out of Homer that are only a 5 mile run out.Just get out there and enjoy........:topjob:


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        that would be a good boat to troll for kings off the bluffs at Homer...
        and in late July and Aug, between the end of the spit and the green can for Coho.../John


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          How do you like your Talon, Teacherman ? If you beached it on logs do you think you could shove it back into the water by yourself or is it too heavy ?

          I see they make an 18 footer now in 2011 with a 66" bottom and I'm sorta in the market for an 18 foot boat.


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            I also have a 17 foot talon that I have had for 3 years now and I have found that I do almost all my fishing in the salt it actually has only been in fresh water once! I have been told by a very well known boat builder to be careful with the hull slamming on the swells and wake he has to weld more cracked hulls on talons than any other boat but don't be discouraged just take your time if you can. I take mine out of wittier,seward and anchor point. If you ever find your self caut in bad weather try to find a bigger boat to get right behind so he can cut wake for you on the way back in. And if you go out of anchor point " my favorite cus you only have to go a mile out and two miles over for butts" just know when the tide changes after slack tide it will get CHOPPY after my boat swings around I get back to shore just stay out of the no fishing zones but stay close your first few times.


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