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    I am planning on comming up to Thorne bay on a do it yourself bear hunt in late may 2012. It is a drop camp type hunt with a cabin a 16 foot skiff and a truck included. I have a couple guys wanting to come up to fish and throw out some crab/shrimp pots(also included) I was just wondering what was being caught in good numbers in skiff range at this time? They also plan on doing a charter one day and maybe some stream fishing.

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    There are several POW regulars on here who may give you the BEST reply.

    My two cents is from fishing on POW for the past 11 years mainly on the west side of the island. I have been to the Thorne and Harris rivers on the east side but all my fishing is done in the fall for Silvers. Lots of bears and hunters then, too. The streams will have at least 3 species of Salmon in the fall, none in the spring. I caught Sockeye, Humpies, chums and Silvers last September. Only kept the bright Coho. Bears, galore and some VERY, VERY close. We had one walk out on a downed tree near us that was close enough to see the spit and drool on its lips and the bugs buzzing around its head... maybe 12-15 yards. Good behavior from both parties kept the peace, and the waders clean and dry on the inside.

    So in late May.....I would focus on getting the best blackie you can. I assume you'll be beach hunting on the skiff. Stream fishing is going to be real weak at best may hit the end of the Steelhead season or it may be over already by then. Check the Regs. Don't know about shrimp and crabs as the few times I was on the salt it was for halibut. Plenty of charters up there to choose from. Good luck planning your trip. I would look at Johnny Laird's site - Muskeg Excursions for more info.
    If this was a once in a lifetime trip for me-he would get the nod. But that's just me and I've only shot a couple of Bison in the last few years and don't generally hunt.


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      By all means take your crab pots, set your pots straight out from the docks, I was up there two years ago in aug. you could limit with one pot


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