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Good or Bad - Adhesives on lures like goop

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  • Good or Bad - Adhesives on lures like goop

    I am in the process of making up some super secret lures (yah, like anything fishing is a secret). I need to glue/attach larger items onto a jighead. Think of it as tying a jig but onto a 12-24oz jighead.

    So do you think it would turn off fish to use something like marine goop on the lure? Obviously we use cement head glue on flies and it doesn't seem to turn them off any.

    Any thoughts?

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    My thoughts? I say go for it! Most soft lures - besides those Gulp scented types - are made with some plastics that off gas a pretty offensive chemical smell which doesn't seem to deter the bite. Hot knives and super glues are used to field repair soft plastic grubs, hoochies, squids, etc. Super glues are waterproof for a short time however will need monitoring and maintaining over your fishing season. I would go with slow cure two part epoxy like Flex-coat, Pro-kote and the like which is used for rod building. It dries overnight, cures in a week and lasts for years. Quick cure epoxies become brittle as soon as they cure. Even head cement used for tying flies would work well.

    Now post some photos of your work so we can see your "super secret lures" .... I mean what kind of glue you!

    Good luck with your project.



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      If you want something that won't give off chemicals, I'd use epoxy designed for rod building, it's a bit more flexible than regular epoxy.

      I have made a few for lack of a better term giant flys on 12-16 oz leadheads. They work well, but are fragile. One or two lings and all your additions are history.
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        When in doubt ask around then go for it. It's a jig design I played with decades ago, forgot about it, then saw it on a guide boat fishing deep creek last year. Produced halibut. But I think it's going to be a multi species big fish lure. The idea is too simple and silly to show without a fish attached to it.


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