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    Hey what kinda bouy do you guys recommend for shimpin? i have always use the biggest most visible bouy ball I could find. Thinking that this would float the pots if they were to drift into deeper water. however, now I wonder if that big ball catches more tide and wind and assists in drifting the pots off the spot. Would I be better off using one or three of the foam torpedo shaped floats?
    BTW I am using smaller rectangle shaped, 2 opening, rebar pots....kinda heavy (7lbs maybe) but not the huge commercial rebar pots.
    any and all advice appreciated.

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    I use the A-2 with a custom made high flyer (yellow) Never had any problems with it yet running 3 pots on 950 feet of line (600 floating ands 350 weighted) each pot has 2 5 pound lead bars (made to fit the pots)
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      I use an 18" inflatable bouy. I have one orange and one yellow. I wish they both were yellow. That way they stand out better for me with other pots around. I tie a line to it, then give myself about 5 feet and tie a white plastic tube boat bumper, a few more feet of line and then a large plastic swivel to attach my sinking line to. The slack between bouys makes it easier to hook the line to pull it up. What ever you decide, make sure your pots will float if something happens.


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        I use an A-2 buoy and a red/white bullet buoy on each of my pot chains. I rigged them up by taking an eight foot section of rope and splicing three loops in it. One loop at the top directly to the A-2, one loop five feet down the rope, and the excess is looped around the bullet buoy. If laid out on the deck, this setup resembles a check-mark, with the bullet buoy on the short end and the A-2 on the long end. The 600 feet of leaded line is tied to the loop in the middle. This method makes the bullet buoy pull under if there is even the weight of one pot hanging off bottom. If all pots are resting on bottom, the bullet buoy will float right next to the A-2. When done this way, you will never have to guess if your pots are hanging or if they all reached the bottom. roud:


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          Click image for larger version

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            Originally posted by potbuilder View Post
            Thanks for the pics, Steve! That's nearly identical to the way mine are rigged, but I was wasn't feeling up to digging them out of the basement for a pic.


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              Originally posted by potbuilder View Post
              Thanks Potbuilder!! If I can find these bouys, then I will find your spots. Thanks!!!


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