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    I have a trip planned in aug. to Afognak Island, Paramanof Bay. We have the use of skiffs and I was hoping for some advice on dipy's or jet divers, how to rig, best rod, color, etc.. We will try to fish the area streams first but if the silvers are not in yet I want to have another plan to fish them in the bay. Any other recomendations would be much appreciated.
    Thanks Jeff

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    You don't always have to troll. I'm partial to mooching rigs, run a 2-4 oz bannana sinker, ~36" leader to a two hook mooching rig that you've put a hoochie on. Also tip the hook with a gulp 3" blue/white shad, or a piece of herring. You can use that rig for both trolling and mooching.
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      What he said. Simple is better. Not much science involved in trolling cohos. Find a place with some bait hanging out and get your herring down there. I've "chummed" cohos to the side of the boat while I was cleaning other cohos. They love to eat.
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        Thanks Guys, Paul do I run the banana off a 3 way and is the second hook a stinger? Also we will have no bait with us so the Gulp is a great Idea I am just not sure if I am supppose to bait both hooks or how it goes. Thanks alot



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