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    So i'm not sure if anybody has posted much to do with infants on boats, but i actually plan on getting more fishing done this year. My daughter was born in september and rather than farming her out to a babysitter everytime i feel the urge to slay some halibut, i think i'm going to try to take her with. I already plan on getting an appropriate sized life jacket, but i can only imagine the uncomfort she will feel with a life jacket on while sitting in a carseat on deck or in the cabin. Does anybody have an idea of how to secure her in case of rouge wave, or other fishing situations. i know it will be a little easier once she reaches about 2, but thats way too long to go without fishing, and i want her to grow up on the water fishing like i did.

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    What kind of boat do you have? You mentioned that it had a cabin. My previous boat was a Hewescraft Alaskan Searunner and we brought both of our kids along as infants. If they were not in their car seat, we would strap the portable high chair to one of the front seats and load up the chair with cheerios. The little duffers were sitting high enough to see what was going and and seemed to be content.

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      that sounds good. i was thinking of buying a full sized high chair, and modifying it with some eye hooks and shortening the legs so i can attach it to a cooler when fishing or to a seat while traveling. One boat is a 27' seasport, easy enough to put the carseat next to the table. The other boat is a 24' aluminum landing craft. I think the landing craft is going to be easy because of all the deck space, and also has a small cabin. How well do you think she will fit into the highchair with a PFD on? Thanks for the tip.


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        Those infant PFDs work well when in the car seat but not so well in the chair. When the little ones are in the cabin, we take the PFDs off. They must have them once they are on the back deck. Good luck!
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          If you are thinking of strapping your child in anything it is a bad idea. There was a couple on a river outside of Fairbanks in the mib 80's and the had the young child in a car seat (child was wearing a life jacket) and the hit something in the river and stopped the boat and the child and car seat went overboard and the child died. the life jacket could not hold the child and the weight of the car seat afloat. I am not telling you this to keep your children from going out on the boat, just to let you know of what could happen if they are strapped in. My girls have been on my river and ocean boats since before they could walk and they love being out on the water and we have some very great times to remember for the rest of their lives. All I am saying is use good judgement on what you do.

          Sorry if this upset anyone becaus it was not the intent.

          Thank you


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            not to "steal" the thread but, along the same lines. When can you keep a childs limit and fish an extra rod for the child. I have heard the child has to be able to "work the rod". but does this mean everything from remove the rod from the downrigger and fight the fish 100% alone? Or is it ok if he does most of it and I/someone helps out hear and there? Or is there a hard and fast age?


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              Moose381 is exactly right and the story we got from most boating saftey guys I talked to. They actually don't recommend strapping a baby into anything in a boat. If the boat turns over or they get throw overboard its big trouble.

              That being said, I wouldn't hesitate to take your daughter out. We used a similar set up to Spoiled Ones last summer with our 6 month old. We took the vest off of him in the cabin and it worked great. What we had was this It hooks on to the table and then is easily stored when we don't need it. You can get a cheaper version here in town for around $40-$50. Whenever he left the cabin he had his vest on. I couldn't have enjoyed it more having him along so just take the necessary precautions and have fun.


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                We have been taking both our boys out since they were infants. We would just put them in a car seat and put the car seat on the floor inside the cabin. At that age you would be hard pressed to convince enforcement that the child was fishing so why expose them to the dangers of the back deck ie fishing hooks, weights, gaffs, flopping fish, etc. They can see plenty from the cabin in their comfortable car seat and not be required to wear a PFD. They will be all over the deck when they hit about 2 years old.
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