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Sadie Cove - Yukon Island???

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  • Sadie Cove - Yukon Island???

    Hello, my wife,daughter and I are staying in Sadie Cove for a week in July. I am bringing my folding kayak and have the ability to use a hard shell ocean kayak which has a better range 6-10 miles. Can someone please point me in the right direction to catch a halibut or two in and around Sadie Cove or the islands off the cove; depths, general areas, techniques? Any information is really appreciated! Thanks! Matt

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    You can find halibut between sadie cove and Yukon Island. You will have to sort through the cod, flounder, and Irish loards but you can catch a few there I usualy catch one or two there for dinner in the spring while I am bear hunting, not fast halibut fishing but there is some there


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      Fished in Sadie Cove a few times, never caught a halibut while fishing on the bottom for them, but I did catch one while trolling in there for kings, it was a small 12 pounder.
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        There are a Lot of fish in Sadie Cove

        Sadie Cove has all kinds of fish besides butt.Look for a point of land dropping sharply into the water,put on a plastic grub,worm, or sand lance imitation,and I'd guarentee you'll pick up all the sea (black)bass,copper's,quillback,and other rockfish you will want in a day.If you speciffically want butt you might try out between Anisom Pt. and Yukon Island.There are some nice shelves that drop off into some flats where I've had pretty good luck.But it wasn't in my kayak..........:think:


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          if you get out where the halibut are you will certainly be in areas of high traffic. eldred passage is the most traveled area in the bay without a doubt.
          big currents in the islands too, be pretty tough to keep your gear more or less in one place except at slack.
          drop me a line when you are here and i will try to help you out.
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