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    Hey all,

    I was looking at the fishing reg's and i cant seem to find what I am looking for so i figured one of you might know. I am camping down at Coopers Landing south the weekend of June 10-12 and was wondering what you can fish for in Coopers Creek itself. If i am reading the regulations right it looks like the only thing Coopers Creek is closed to is Kings. If i am reading that correct does anyone know if the reds come up in there in any good numbers? Id love to get my kids to hook into one or 2 reds. If it is closed to fishing how far of a walk is it from Coopers Creek South campground to the Russian, might be a few early run reds in by then.

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    I have never seen anyone fish Coopers Creek. There might be a couple in there, but I really don't think it is a productive creek.

    It would be a hike to get to the russian from there, but it is a quick drive. The time frame you mentioned is during the early run. I think most of those fish are headed for the Russian only. So that is going to be your best bet. One thing to remember though is the fishing is closed until 6/11.


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      Cooper Creek is closed to all fishing May 2 - June 10 and closed to king salmon year-round. The water conditions in Cooper Creek are not very productive for trout due to the dam at the lake restricting water flow. This makes Stetson Creek the primary source of water flow into Cooper Creek and Stetson water is too cold for good trout production.

      Chugach Electric Association had to renew its license for the dam and as part of the mitigation process, they will divert water flow from Stetson Creek into Cooper Lake and release more warm water from the lake into Cooper Creek in an attempt to increase suitable conditions for trout and salmon.


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        Try Quatz creek. It isn't far, and has great small fish (grayling, trout) fishing. Good for kids, not deep, etc. As always check the regs as I haven't checked them for Quartz yet.


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